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Are you a Centre County young professional that is interested in personal and professional growth? Do you have valuable experience or knowledge that could help someone with their professional career? Are you interested in learning more about a specific industry and meet other professionals? The CBICC Mentorship Program may be for you. The next program will launch soon. If you are interested in finding a mentor, fill out this brief survey to help better match mentees with appropriate mentors.

Mentorship Program Goals:

  • To connect experienced leaders with aspiring business professionals
  • To promote growth and development
  • To provide a beneficial experience for both mentor and mentee
  • Develop both mentor and mentee skill set and professional network
  • Identify the mentee’s goals and mentor’s goals and assist in the advancement toward these goals

CBICC/Connect Mentorship Program Guidelines:

  • Mentorship pairs will seek to match needs with expertise and experience
  • Mentoring sessions will be scheduled consistently based on the mentor/mentee schedule
  • Communicate a way that works for both of you (i.e. face to face, phone, email, etc.)
  • The mentorship relationship will primarily focus on business and/or leadership
  • Program is for all ages, genders, ethnicity and professions
  • Connect with your mentee/mentor consistently on a schedule that is agreed upon both of you (suggested at least once per month during the six month time commitment)



The mentorship experience:

“Over the years, I have been blessed with many mentors and advisors that have helped me to advance my business career and personal development to help me achieve a certain level of success. I feel it is my responsibility as a business leader in the community to share some of that knowledge with others with similar desires and aspirations that I had when I was starting out.” 

-Scott Good, President and CEO, Goodco Mechanical, 2016 mentor

“We learned a lot from each other. I think the millennial mind can teach a lot to the older generation and the older generation can teach a lot to the millennial mind. It’s not even so much about teaching, but it is understanding. Understanding where they come from and understanding where we come from.” 

-Keriann Smith, Sales Manager, Hyatt Place, 2016 mentee